About this product

The Toyota Clamp (#90959-01369) is an integral part of both the Body Hood Lock & Hinge system and the Body Luggage Compartment Door & Lock system. As a secure hold, it serves to fortify lock mechanisms, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness. Genuine Toyota Clamp (#90959-01369)s are indeed indispensable, offering not only precise compatibility with your vehicle, but also the reliability of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, the Clamp (#90959-01369) may wear out, become damaged or lose its grip, which could compromise the systems it supports. Non-functional Clamp (#90959-01369)s may lead to malfunctions in locking mechanisms, affecting the safety and security of your vehicle. By securing the lock systems, the Clamp (#90959-01369) plays a pivotal role in the overall safety of your Toyota. Its meticulous design and robust build quality contribute to the dependability of your vehicle's Hood and Luggage Compartment systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90959-01369

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