Breather Tube Clamp

About this product

The Breather Tube Clamp (#77229-60070), a crucial body part in the Fuel Tank & Tube system, plays a pivotal role in securing the breather tube in its place. This tube, while functioning, allows for efficient venting of gases from the engine, and the clamp ensures its correct and rigid positioning. Using genuine Toyota parts aids in maintaining vehicle compatibility, and these parts are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If this clamp becomes old, broken, or non-functional, the breather tube may become dislodged, leading to improper venting of gases and potential damage to other components. Consequently, periodic replacement of the Breather Tube Clamp (#77229-60070) is essential. By maintaining the breather tube's secure placement, the clamp contributes significantly to the system's overall efficiency and safety, allowing for smooth operation and preventing potential damage.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 77229-60070

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