Door Scuff Plate Clamp #2

About this product

The Door Scuff Plate Clamp #2 (#67924-47020), a key component in Toyota's Front Door Panel & Glass system, plays an instrumental role in securing the door scuff plate, which protects the door frame from damage. When the car door is opened or closed, the clamp holds the scuff plate firmly in place, preventing unwanted movement. With genuine Toyota parts, compatibility with your vehicle is not in question, and they also come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, over time, the Door Scuff Plate Clamp #2 (#67924-47020) could wear out or break from extensive use or harsh conditions. When this happens, the scuff plate might not stay in place effectively, leading to possible damage to the door frame. Thus, periodic replacement is essential. A functioning Door Scuff Plate Clamp #2 (#67924-47020) contributes to the car door's durability and overall safety, maintaining the integrity of the door structure.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67924-47020

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