Evaporation Vent Tube Clamp #2

About this product

The Evaporation Vent Tube Clamp #2 (#77197-42010), a vital body part in the Fuel Tank & Tube system of Toyota vehicles, plays a key role in securing the evaporation vent tube. This tube carries vapors from the fuel tank to the engine for combustion, thereby reducing harmful emissions. The clamp ensures the tube remains in place, preventing any leakage or disconnection. Over time, this clamp can wear out or break, leading to the vent tube coming loose. This could compromise the vehicle's fuel efficiency and emission control. Genuine Toyota Evaporation Vent Tube Clamp #2 (#77197-42010)s are designed specifically for compatibility with Toyota vehicles, offering optimal fit and performance. All genuine Toyota parts, including the Evaporation Vent Tube Clamp #2 (#77197-42010), come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Remember, periodic replacement of this essential part helps maintain your Toyota's fuel efficiency and emission standards, contributing significantly to the system's overall performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 77197-42010

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