Exhaust Pipe Clamp

About this product

The Exhaust Pipe Clamp (#17452-25020), an Engine-Fuel part in the Manifold system from Toyota Autoparts, is essential for the harmonious function of your vehicle. This component secures the exhaust pipe to the manifold and maintains the seal, preventing exhaust leaks while the system is operating. As the clamp ages, it may wear down or corrode, which could lead to a loose or damaged exhaust pipe, affecting the whole Manifold system's performance and possibly causing harm to the environment through emissions. By choosing genuine Toyota parts like this, you are choosing compatibility with your vehicle and coverage under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In maintaining the overall efficiency and safety of your car, regular replacement of parts like the Exhaust Pipe Clamp (#17452-25020) is a wise investment.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17452-25020

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