Rear Drive Shaft Boot Clamp

About this product

The Rear Drive Shaft Boot Clamp (#42345-08040), an integral component in the Rear Axle Shaft & Hub system, plays a vital role in maintaining the drive-chassis part’s integrity. As part of its operation, the clamp tightly holds the drive shaft boot in place, preventing contaminants from entering the drive shaft area and lubricants from leaking out. The effective function of this component significantly depends on its condition. An aged or broken clamp can lead to lubricant leakage and contamination, negatively impacting the drive shaft's performance and potentially causing severe damage to the system. Therefore, routine replacement is recommended. Utilizing genuine Toyota Autoparts for replacements is advantageous, ensuring optimal vehicle compatibility and backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In short, a properly functioning Rear Drive Shaft Boot Clamp (#42345-08040) contributes to the overall performance, safety, and efficiency of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 42345-08040

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