Stabilizer Stopper Clamp

About this product

The Stabilizer Stopper Clamp (#48816-33010), a major Drive-Chassis component, plays a critical role in the Front Spring & Shock Absorber system of your Toyota vehicle. It helps maintain the stability of the vehicle by reducing the effect of sudden shocks and vibrations while driving. This clamp works in harmony with other components to ensure a smooth and safe ride. With time, the Stabilizer Stopper Clamp (#48816-33010) may wear out or get clogged, affecting its function. A malfunctioning clamp might compromise the vehicle's stability, leading to vibrations or jolts while driving. Therefore, it's crucial to replace it periodically with genuine Toyota parts for perfect compatibility. These genuine parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing added assurance of their quality and performance. The Stabilizer Stopper Clamp (#48816-33010)'s optimal functioning contributes significantly to the overall safety and efficiency of your vehicle's Drive-Chassis system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 48816-33010

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