Cylinder Push Rod Clevis Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Cylinder Push Rod Clevis Sub-Assembly (#31404-0K010), a critical component in the Clutch Master Cylinder system, mainly operates as a Drive-Chassis part in Toyota vehicles. This part functions by transferring the force applied on the clutch pedal to the master cylinder, facilitating gear shifting. It interplays with the master cylinder and the clutch pedal for optimal functionality. Periodic replacement of this part is essential as an old, broken or clogged Cylinder Push Rod Clevis Sub-Assembly (#31404-0K010) can cause inadequate force transfer, leading to a malfunctioning clutch system and impaired driving control. Genuine Toyota parts, like the Cylinder Push Rod Clevis Sub-Assembly (#31404-0K010), offer compatibility assurance and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Overall, this part significantly affects the efficiency and safety of the car’s clutch system, thus ensuring smooth and safe driving.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 31404-0K010

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