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The Toyota Clip (#90467-05045-22), a critical element in multiple systems like the Body Front Fender Apron & Dash Panel system, plays a key role in securing and aligning various components efficiently. This auto part functions by locking onto the related parts to hold them in place, ensuring correct positioning and operational competence. Even though Clip (#90467-05045-22)s are generally durable, their periodic replacement is vital as an old, damaged or non-functional Clip (#90467-05045-22) can lead to parts misalignment, potentially affecting the system's operation or safety. Toyota stresses the use of genuine parts, like the Clip (#90467-05045-22), for impeccable compatibility with the vehicle. Moreover, these original components are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, affirming their quality and durability. In summary, the Clip (#90467-05045-22)'s role in maintaining system efficiency and safety is undeniable.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 55700-43032;90467-05045-E2;90467-05045-B2;90467-05045-A3;90467-05045;67869-12010;55700-43037;55700-43034;55700-43033;55700-43031 More
Part Number 90467-05045-22

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