About this product

The Toyota Clip (#90467-05050-22), an integral component within the Body Inside Trim Board & Door Opening Trim Moulding system and the Electrical Heating & Air Conditioning system, plays a critical role. As a fastening element, it helps secure various parts and cables in place while these systems are underway. Genuine Clip (#90467-05050-22)s are essential for vehicle compatibility, offering a perfect fit and alignment. Notably, these genuine parts are protected by Toyota's parts warranty. However, Clip (#90467-05050-22)s are subject to wear and tear. An aged or damaged Clip (#90467-05050-22) may compromise the secure fitting of parts or wiring, leading to operational inefficiencies or safety risks. Consequently, periodic replacement of this part is recommended. The Clip (#90467-05050-22)'s contribution to the systems it serves is significant - it ensures the smooth and safe operation of these systems by maintaining the correct positioning of various components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 62111-12240-B0;90467-05050-01;90467-05050;90467-05049;62111-12230-E0;62111-12230-B0
Part Number 90467-05050-22

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