About this product

The Clip (#90467-05164-E1), an integral auto part in Toyota's Body Deck Board & Deck Trim Cover system, Body Roof Headlining & Silencer Pad system, and Body Seat & Seat Track system, plays a pivotal role in securing various components and maintaining their position during operation. In its functionality, the Clip (#90467-05164-E1) holds the system elements together, enabling them to work in harmony. This function is critical, and as such, the Clip (#90467-05164-E1) needs regular replacement. With time, it can become old, clogged, or even break, disrupting the system's operation, causing loose components, unnecessary noise, and potential safety issues. Genuine Toyota Clip (#90467-05164-E1)s are recommended for compatibility with your vehicle. The genuine parts are also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. All this contributes to the system's overall efficiency and safety, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90467-05164-E1
Color_Name FAWN

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