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The Clip (#90467-07066-22) is a crucial auto part in the Toyota line-up. Found in various systems such as the Body Cowl Panel & Windshield Glass, Body Front and Rear Door Panel & Glass, and the Body Roof Headlining & Silencer Pad systems, the Clip (#90467-07066-22)'s main role is to securely fasten and align various components within these systems. In operation, it holds parts together, ensuring they function correctly and stay in place. Neglecting to replace a worn-out Clip (#90467-07066-22) can lead to system misalignment, a rattling noise, or even cause parts to dislodge, potentially compromising the vehicle's safety and efficiency. Hence, it's crucial to replace Clip (#90467-07066-22)s periodically. Choosing genuine Toyota Clip (#90467-07066-22)s offers optimal compatibility with your vehicle and also comes with the support of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part significantly contributes to the car's overall safety and efficiency by keeping systems intact and functional.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90467-07066-J0;90467-07066-01;90467-07066;90467-07066-04;90467-07066-05;90467-07066-06;90467-07066-12;90467-07066-14;90467-07066-15;90467-07066-24;90467-07066-A5;90467-07066-B2;90467-07066-E0;90467-07066-E1;90467-07066-E3;90467-07066-E4;90467-07066-E5;90467-07066-G1;90467-07066-G3;90467-07066-J1;90467-07066-K0 More
Part Number 90467-07066-22

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