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The Clip (#90467-15006), a critical component of the Engine-Fuel Vacuum Piping and Engine-Fuel Ventilation Hose systems, steadfastly holds the hoses in place, maintaining the efficient flow of fuel and air. This seemingly simple component is crucial to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency. As it ages or is damaged, the Clip (#90467-15006)'s grip can loosen or fail, leading to hoses disconnecting or sagging, causing potential leaks or airflow issues. Thus, periodic replacement is vital to prevent possible engine damage or performance decline. Opting for Toyota genuine parts like the Clip (#90467-15006) improves vehicle compatibility and offers the advantage of Toyota's genuine parts warranty, reinforcing long-term reliability. Ultimately, the Clip (#90467-15006) plays a pivotal role in securing the system's integrity, contributing to both the vehicle's efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 96131-31500;90446-15087
Part Number 90467-15006

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