About this product

The Clip (#90467-34006) is a crucial component in the Radiator & Water Outlet system, categorized under Engine-Fuel parts in Toyota vehicles. It primarily holds hoses, pipes, or cables in place, facilitating the smooth operation of the system. Without it, parts could move out of place, leading to leaks or other malfunctions. The Clip (#90467-34006)'s importance is magnified because of its involvement in maintaining the cooling system, which prevents overheating and contributes to the vehicle's overall efficiency. Like any other part, the Clip (#90467-34006) needs periodic replacement due to wear and tear. If it becomes old or broken, it could fail to keep components in place, possibly causing significant damage. By using genuine Toyota parts, you're choosing components specifically designed for compatibility with your vehicle. Plus, all Toyota genuine parts are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, further enhancing their value and reliability. The Clip (#90467-34006), though small and seemingly simple, plays a significant role in your vehicle's performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90467-34006

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