Front Seat Side Table Clip

About this product

The Front Seat Side Table Clip (#78639-0E010), a critical component in the Rear Seat & Seat Track system, serves a vital role in securing the seat side table in Toyota vehicles. This Body part functions by fastening the side table to the passenger seat, providing stability and ensuring the table's proper operation during vehicle use. Over time, this clip may wear out, become damaged, or lose its gripping capacity, which can lead to instability of the seat side table, compromising the comfort and convenience of passengers. Therefore, it is crucial to periodically replace the Front Seat Side Table Clip (#78639-0E010) with genuine Toyota parts for optimal compatibility. These genuine parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering assurance of quality and durability. A well-functioning Front Seat Side Table Clip (#78639-0E010) contributes to the overall comfort and utility of your Toyota vehicle, enhancing the passenger experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 78639-0E010

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