Quarter Garnish Clip #1

About this product

The Quarter Garnish Clip #1 (#75498-42010), a crucial body part in Toyota's Moulding system, plays a primary role in securing the quarter garnish- the decorative trim around the car's windows. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the Quarter Garnish Clip #1 (#75498-42010) are designed for perfect compatibility with your vehicle, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This clip ensures the garnish stays firmly in place, preventing any vibrations or wind noise while driving. However, like any other part, the Quarter Garnish Clip #1 (#75498-42010) can become worn or broken over time and needs replacing. A damaged or non-functional clip may lead to loose garnish, which can result in wind noise, vibrations, or water leaks. In conclusion, a well-functioning Quarter Garnish Clip #1 (#75498-42010) enhances the effectiveness of the Moulding system, contributing to the overall comfort and safety of your driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75498-42010

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