Rear Spoiler Clip #1

About this product

The Rear Spoiler Clip #1 (#76879-44010), a key Body part within the Mudguard & Spoiler system, is primarily designed to securely fasten the spoiler to the vehicle. This ensures a stable, robust connection that withstands the dynamic forces experienced during driving. If a Rear Spoiler Clip #1 (#76879-44010) becomes worn, damaged, or non-functional, the spoiler may become loose or even detach, potentially causing safety concerns or damage to the vehicle. As such, periodic replacement of these components is necessary, as is the use of genuine Toyota parts for ideal compatibility. The reliability of genuine parts is supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By securing the spoiler effectively, the Rear Spoiler Clip #1 (#76879-44010) plays an essential role in maintaining the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle, contributing to optimal performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 76081-12140-J4;76081-12140-J2;76081-12140-D3;76081-12140-D4;76083-12080-J2;76083-12080-D2;76083-12080-J0;76083-12080-D1;76081-12140-K0;76894-28040-A0;76894-44010-A2;76894-44010-A3;76891-12130-J1;76893-44010-A3;76893-44010-C2;76894-44010-A1;76894-44010-C2;76893-28050-A0;76893-44010-A1;76893-44010-A2;76083-12080-K0;76852-12230-D1;76851-44010-A3;76851-44010-A2;76851-28040-A0;76851-12270-J1;76851-12270-J0;76851-12270-D1;76085-12580-K0;76085-12580-J4;76085-12580-J2;76085-12580-D4;76085-12580-D3;76891-12130-D1;76852-44010-A3;76852-44010-A2;76852-28040-A0;76852-12230-J1;76852-12230-J0;76891-12130-J0 More
Part Number 76879-44010

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