Clutch Assembly 1Way #3

About this product

The Clutch Assembly 1Way #3 (#35770-0C030), a vital Drive-Chassis component, plays a critical role in the Brake No.3, 1st & Reverse Brake (Automatic Transmission) system of a Toyota vehicle. This part facilitates smooth transitioning between gears and plays a pivotal role in managing the torque transfer from the engine to the drive shaft. Genuine parts like this are integral for vehicle compatibility and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Like many mechanical parts, the Clutch Assembly 1Way #3 (#35770-0C030) may degrade over time. This can lead to issues such as a compromised transition between gears, which could affect the vehicle's performance and safety. Therefore, it's recommended to replace this part periodically with a genuine Toyota part to maintain optimum driving experience and safety. Overall, the Clutch Assembly 1Way #3 (#35770-0C030) contributes significantly to the condition of your vehicle's transmission system, directly impacting efficiency, performance, and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35770-0C030

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