Magnet Clutchassy

About this product

The Magnet Clutchassy (#88410-08030) is a vital electrical component in Toyota's Heating & Air Conditioning - Compressor system. It plays a crucial role in engaging and disengaging the car's air conditioning compressor, regulating the cooling function in your vehicle. As it ages, the Magnet Clutchassy (#88410-08030) can become less efficient, potentially leading to issues with the air conditioning system. If this part breaks or becomes non-functional, the compressor may fail to disengage, resulting in excessive wear or even complete system failure. Opting for genuine Toyota parts, like the Magnet Clutchassy (#88410-08030), not only ensures optimal compatibility with your vehicle but also comes backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty for peace of mind. Regular replacement of this part contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of your vehicle's air conditioning system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 88410-08030

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