Coil Assembly

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The Toyota Coil Assembly (#27360-31330), an essential Engine-Fuel part within the Alternator system, plays a crucial role in the ignition system of your vehicle. As the engine operates, this component generates high voltage necessary for spark plugs to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the engine's cylinders, initiating combustion. The Coil Assembly (#27360-31330) works in tandem with other components such as the ignition switch, distributor, and spark plugs to ensure optimal engine performance. Over time, however, the Coil Assembly (#27360-31330) can degrade or fail, leading to misfires, loss of power, or even engine stalling. Thus, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is recommended - they offer superior compatibility and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Failure to replace a faulty Coil Assembly (#27360-31330) can lead to compromised engine efficiency and potential safety risks. A well-functioning Coil Assembly (#27360-31330) contributes to fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance, enhancing your driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 27360-31330

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