Brake Pedal Collar

About this product

The Brake Pedal Collar (#47144-60020) is an integral part of the Drive-Chassis category in Toyota Autoparts' Brake Pedal & Bracket system. This particular component plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the brake pedal operates with precision, allowing for smooth and efficient braking. The Brake Pedal Collar (#47144-60020)'s function is to aid in transmitting the force from your foot to the brake pedal, contributing to the overall safety of your vehicle. Regular replacement of the Brake Pedal Collar (#47144-60020) is crucial to maintain its effectiveness. If it becomes old, broken or clogged, the brake pedal may fail to operate correctly, leading to potential safety hazards. When choosing replacement parts, Toyota's genuine parts offer the advantage of vehicle compatibility and are backed by Toyota's parts warranty. By replacing this part periodically with a genuine Toyota Brake Pedal Collar (#47144-60020), you contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle's braking system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 47144-60020

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