Cooler Collar #1

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The Toyota Cooler Collar #1 (#88469-28010), a key part in the Heating & Air Conditioning - Cooler Piping system, is crucial for the efficient function of your vehicle's cooling system. Its primary role involves managing the flow of coolant, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal performance. This electrical part works in harmony with the cooler pump, pipes, and other components, and being a genuine Toyota part, it provides excellent compatibility with your vehicle. However, just like other parts, the Cooler Collar #1 (#88469-28010) doesn't last forever. Over time, it can age, become clogged, or even break. When this happens, your vehicle's engine might overheat, leading to significant damage. Thus, periodic replacement is vital. Toyota's genuine parts warranty covers the Cooler Collar #1 (#88469-28010), reinforcing the commitment to quality and reliability. Therefore, this part not only contributes to the system's efficiency but also to overall vehicular safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 53701-60700;88688-10420;53701-60620;53701-60660;53701-60680;53701-60550;53701-60560;53701-60570;53701-60590;53701-60610;53701-60670;88718-6A030;90069-11003;88720-50100;88714-50030;88704-28130;88704-28110;88688-2B760 More
Part Number 88469-28010

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