Automated Driving Computer Assembly

About this product

The Automated Driving Computer Assembly (#881A0-62010), a critical electrical part in the Cruise Control (Auto Drive) system for Toyota vehicles, regulates the vehicle's speed and holds it constant. This complex mechanism interacts with several vehicle systems, including the engine and the brake system, to maintain a set speed without driver intervention. Over time, this assembly may show signs of wear, impair its performance, or even fail. Consequently, replacement with a genuine Toyota part is essential for compatibility and optimum performance. Toyota backs each of these genuine parts with its warranty. A properly functioning Automated Driving Computer Assembly (#881A0-62010) contributes to the vehicle's safety by reducing driver fatigue on long journeys and reducing the likelihood of speeding. It also enhances fuel efficiency by maintaining a constant speed, thus lowering fuel consumption.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 881A0-62010

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