Distance Control Computer Assembly

About this product

The Distance Control Computer Assembly (#88240-41040), a critical Electrical part in the Cruise Control (Auto Drive) system of a vehicle, is responsible for maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. This smart component uses radar and camera data to adjust the car's speed, ensuring a consistent distance is kept. The assembly works seamlessly with other car functions like the braking system, optimizing safety and driving comfort. As an essential part, it requires routine checks and possible replacement over time. An old or malfunctioning Distance Control Computer Assembly (#88240-41040) could affect the vehicle's ability to maintain a safe distance, increasing the risk of collision. Genuine Toyota parts are recommended for replacement as they are specifically designed to fit and interact perfectly with other system components. Plus, they come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Distance Control Computer Assembly (#88240-41040) plays a crucial role in maximizing efficiency and safety, making every journey more comfortable and less stressful for the driver.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 88240-41040

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