Engine Control Computer Assembly

About this product

The Engine Control Computer Assembly (#89660-0CT90), a key electrical component in the Electronic Fuel Injection System, manages the engine's operation by adjusting fuel and air mixture for optimal performance. This genuine Toyota auto part interacts with various sensors to monitor engine parameters and adjust fuel injection as needed. Over time, it may require replacement to maintain vehicle functionality and performance. Without a well-functioning control computer, the car may experience performance degradation, poor fuel economy, or emission failure. Genuine Toyota parts are designed for perfect fit and compatibility, and come backed by Toyota's parts warranty. They play a significant role in maintaining the vehicle's efficiency and safety. A well-kept Engine Control Computer Assembly (#89660-0CT90) ensures the vehicle runs smoothly, optimising fuel consumption and reducing emissions, contributing positively to overall vehicle efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89660-0CT90

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