Fuel Pump Control Computer Assembly

About this product

The Fuel Pump Control Computer Assembly (#89570-60150), an electrical part in Toyota's Electronic Fuel Injection System, plays a crucial role in monitoring and controlling the fuel pump's operation. This computer assembly regulates the fuel supply to the engine, ensuring that the correct fuel-air mixture is maintained for optimal performance. It communicates with other components to adjust the fuel delivery rate based on the engine's current demands. However, like all parts, it can wear out over time, leading to inconsistent fuel supply and poor engine performance. If it fails, the fuel pump may not operate, causing the engine to stall. Regular replacement of this part with a genuine Toyota part, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, helps maintain vehicle compatibility and peak performance. The Fuel Pump Control Computer Assembly (#89570-60150) is vital for the efficient and safe operation of your Toyota vehicle, contributing to fuel efficiency and ensuring reliable engine performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89570-60150

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