Headlamp Leveling Computer Assembly

About this product

The Headlamp Leveling Computer Assembly (#89960-42170), a crucial electrical component in Toyota’s Switch & Relay & Computer system, dynamically adjusts the angle of the headlamps to maintain optimal illumination while minimizing glare for oncoming drivers. When in operation, this assembly interprets signals from the vehicle's sensors and directs the headlamp motor to adjust the beam's direction accordingly. However, like all parts, the Headlamp Leveling Computer Assembly (#89960-42170) can age, malfunction, or break. Neglecting its replacement might result in poor headlamp performance, increasing the risk of nighttime driving accidents. By opting for genuine Toyota parts, you enjoy enhanced vehicle compatibility and the assurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In essence, a well-functioning Headlamp Leveling Computer Assembly (#89960-42170) significantly contributes to safe driving conditions, emphasizing its critical role in the overall safety system of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 89960-42300
Part Number 89960-42170

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