Seat Belt Control Computer

About this product

An integral component of the Switch & Relay & Computer system, the Seat Belt Control Computer (#89815-76020) is an electrical part crucial to vehicle safety. Its principal function is to manage and monitor the seat belt system, alerting the driver if seat belts are not properly fastened while the vehicle is in operation. This unit links to various sensors throughout the car, receiving and processing real-time data regarding the status of seat belts. If this component becomes aged or non-operational, it may fail to signal when seat belts are not secured, which could result in serious safety risks. By using genuine Toyota components, such as the Seat Belt Control Computer (#89815-76020), you maintain the optimal functioning of your vehicle, as these are specifically designed to match your vehicle's specifications. Additionally, genuine parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This auto part significantly contributes to the safety of the vehicle occupants, ensuring that the seat belt system operates correctly and reliably.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 89815-48040
Part Number 89815-76020

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