Headlamp Computer Sub-Assembly Sub

About this product

The Headlamp Computer Sub-Assembly Sub (#89908-F4090) is a vital auto part within the electrical category of your Toyota’s headlamp system. This part primarily controls the operation of your vehicle's headlights, managing their intensity and alignment based on various factors such as surrounding light conditions and vehicle speed. Over time, this part can degrade, leading to issues with headlight performance. If the assembly becomes non-functional, it can result in inadequate lighting, affecting visibility and potentially compromising safety. A timely replacement with a genuine Toyota part not only helps maintain compatibility but also benefits from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Using genuine parts can prolong the service life of your vehicle and maintain optimal performance. The smooth functioning of the Headlamp Computer Sub-Assembly Sub (#89908-F4090) is critical to the overall efficiency of the headlamp system, enhancing road safety during nighttime or adverse weather driving.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89908-F4090

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