Mg Control Computer Sub-Assembly with Bracket

About this product

The Mg Control Computer Sub-Assembly with Bracket (#G920H-52060), a key component in the Toyota's Hv Inverter system, plays a substantial role in regulating and optimizing the vehicle's electrical functions. It works by analyzing and processing data from the vehicle's various electrical systems to coordinate performance. Over time, this critical auto part can wear out or become damaged, significantly impairing its ability to perform properly. When its efficiency declines, it can cause irregularities in your vehicle’s electrical functions, which could potentially lead to safety issues. Thus, periodic replacement of this part is necessary to keep your Toyota performing optimally. Genuine Toyota parts are highly recommended for compatibility with your vehicle. Further, they are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing peace of mind. The Mg Control Computer Sub-Assembly with Bracket (#G920H-52060) not only ensures improved electrical functionality but also contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of your Toyota.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G920H-52060

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