HV Water Hose Connector

About this product

The HV Water Hose Connector (#G922K-33020), a critical component in Toyota's Inverter Cooling system, plays a pivotal role in overseeing the smooth flow of coolant throughout the system. This Electrical part, when functioning optimally, allows coolant to circulate, thereby maintaining the system's temperature and preventing overheating. Employing genuine Toyota parts is beneficial for vehicle compatibility. Moreover, Toyota's genuine parts are backed by a comprehensive warranty. As the HV Water Hose Connector (#G922K-33020) ages, potential blockage from debris or failure due to wear and tear could occur. When this part becomes non-functional, it could result in poor coolant flow, ultimately leading to overheating and potential inverter damage. Therefore, periodic replacement of the part is recommended for optimal performance. In conclusion, the HV Water Hose Connector (#G922K-33020) is integral to safeguarding the efficiency and safety of the Inverter Cooling system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G922K-33020

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