Ventilation Connector #1

About this product

The Ventilation Connector #1 (#12233-38030), a critical component in the engine-fuel category, serves a primary role in the Ventilation Hose system of a vehicle. As the car operates, this connector facilitates the seamless flow of air in and out of the fuel system, promoting optimal functioning. Genuine Toyota parts like the Ventilation Connector #1 (#12233-38030) are crucial for compatibility with your Toyota vehicle and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If the Ventilation Connector #1 (#12233-38030) becomes old or clogged, it can disrupt air flow, drastically hampering fuel efficiency and potentially leading to system failures or breakdowns. Periodically replacing this connector is therefore critical to maintain the vehicle's performance. The Ventilation Connector #1 (#12233-38030)'s function not only promotes efficient fuel consumption but also enhances the overall safety and longevity of the car.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 12233-38030

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