Hood Lock Control Assembly

About this product

The Hood Lock Control Assembly (#53610-08011-C1), an essential Body part in the Hood Lock & Hinge system, is primarily responsible for securing the hood of the vehicle. This assembly coordinates the locking and unlocking mechanism, providing an extra layer of security and safety to the engine compartment. Integral to this assembly are the lock cylinder and the hood latch, ensuring the smooth operation of the hood lock system. As with all vehicle components, the Hood Lock Control Assembly (#53610-08011-C1) requires periodic replacement. Over time, this part can wear out, become clogged with dust and debris, or break. When the control assembly is no longer functional, it can lead to a failure in securing the hood, which can be dangerous while driving. Genuine Toyota parts offer compatibility with your vehicle and are covered by a Toyota genuine parts warranty. Keeping this component in good working order contributes significantly to the overall safety of your vehicle, ensuring the hood is securely locked when needed, and easily unlocked when required.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53610-08011-C1
Color Name Black

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