Torque Converter Assembly

About this product

The Torque Converter Assembly (#32000-12490), a key component of the Drive-Chassis system, plays a crucial role in transmitting power from the engine to the automatic transmission. This part converts the engine's rotational power into a twisting force to propel the vehicle. Genuine Toyota Torque Converter Assembly (#32000-12490) ensures seamless compatibility with your vehicle. Over time, this part can wear out or become clogged, affecting the vehicle's performance and efficiency. If not replaced, a failing torque converter can lead to transmission damage and compromise safety. Thus, periodic replacement is recommended. Backed by Toyota’s genuine parts warranty, this assembly contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of the system. With its role in power transmission and vehicle propulsion, this part is vital to the proper functioning and safety of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 32000-12490

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