Rear Combination Cord

About this product

The Rear Combination Cord (#81555-34010), an essential electrical part in the Rear Combination Lamp system of Toyota vehicles, plays a critical role in managing the flow of electricity to the rear lights. As the vehicle is in operation, this cord ensures that power is appropriately distributed to the various lighting components in the rear, like brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights. However, like any other part, the Rear Combination Cord (#81555-34010) can wear out over time, and its efficiency may decrease. This could lead to erratic or faulty operation of the rear lights, posing a serious safety risk. Therefore, it is crucial to replace it periodically with genuine Toyota parts for optimal compatibility and performance. Genuine parts from Toyota also come with the added assurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Rear Combination Cord (#81555-34010) is a vital player in maintaining the safety and efficiency of the Rear Combination Lamp system in Toyota vehicles.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81555-34010

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