Short Cord

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The Short Cord (#90118-WB712), an integral part of Toyota's Wiring & Clamp system, primarily functions to conduct electrical currents between different components within the system. As part of its role, it ensures seamless transmission of electrical signals for smooth vehicle operation. Authentic Toyota parts like the Short Cord (#90118-WB712) are essential for vehicle compatibility and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, ensuring reliability and longevity. Over time, the Short Cord (#90118-WB712) may deteriorate, impairing the transmission of electricity. This can potentially lead to system malfunctions or even safety hazards. Therefore, periodic replacement is crucial to maintaining the efficiency and safety of the Wiring & Clamp system. In conclusion, the Short Cord (#90118-WB712) is a vital component that contributes significantly to the overall functionality and safety of the vehicle's electrical system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90118-WB712

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