Accumulator Cover #2

About this product

The Accumulator Cover #2 (#35475-52010), a key Drive-Chassis component within the Valve Body & Oil Strainer system of Toyota's automatic transmissions, is essential in sustaining optimal transmission function. Its main role is to contain the pressure within the accumulator, thus assisting in the smooth transition between gears while a vehicle is operational. Equipped with genuine Toyota parts, it ensures efficient compatibility with your vehicle. Though sturdy, it may require replacement over time due to wear or clogging which can disrupt gear shifting and overall transmission function, potentially leading to serious mechanical issues. Toyota's genuine parts warranty covers these replacements, offering you peace of mind. In conclusion, the Accumulator Cover #2 (#35475-52010) is instrumental in maintaining the safety and efficiency of your vehicle's transmission, contributing significantly to the superior performance synonymous with Toyota vehicles.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35475-52010

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