Back Door Service Hole Cover

About this product

The Back Door Service Hole Cover (#67847-47020-B0), found in the Back Door Panel & Glass system of a Toyota vehicle, serves a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the car's body work. This component provides a protective covering for the service hole, which allows for access to inner door components. When in operation, it prevents ingress of dust, moisture, and debris, offering protection to inner mechanisms. Like most parts, the Back Door Service Hole Cover (#67847-47020-B0) can degrade over time due to exposure to elements. A worn-out cover may fail to protect the service hole effectively, leading to potential damage to the door mechanisms inside. It is hence advisable to replace it periodically. Using genuine Toyota auto parts is recommended for perfect compatibility with your vehicle. Plus, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs them for assured quality and durability. Ultimately, the Back Door Service Hole Cover (#67847-47020-B0) contributes to the safety and efficiency of your vehicle by maintaining the well-being of essential door components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67847-47020-B0
Color Name Md.Gray

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