Cover Cap Airbag

About this product

The Cover Cap Airbag (#90118-WA125), a critical Body part in Toyota's Inside Trim Board & Door Opening Trim Moulding system, plays a pivotal role in maintaining passenger safety. This component conceals and secures the airbag module within the vehicle's interior trim, ensuring seamless deployment during impact. Genuine Toyota parts, like our Cover Cap Airbag (#90118-WA125), offer perfect compatibility with your vehicle and are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time and frequent use, the Cover Cap Airbag (#90118-WA125) can wear out, and its broken or non-functional state might inhibit the airbag's proper function, risking passenger safety during collisions. By keeping this part in optimal condition, you maintain the system's effectiveness and contribute to the overall safety of your vehicle. Remember, a timely replacement of this cap is vital for consistent airbag performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90118-WA125

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