Connector Cover

About this product

The Connector Cover (#82821-47560) is a crucial auto part within the Dc Converter & Charger(Ev Or Fcv) system. As a component of the electrical system, it primarily functions to protect the connector from various elements such as dust, debris, and moisture. This cover helps maintain the integrity of the connector, preventing any disruptions in the electrical flow. Using a genuine Toyota Connector Cover (#82821-47560) ensures vehicle compatibility and is backed by Toyota's original parts warranty. Over time, the Connector Cover (#82821-47560) may become worn or damaged, potentially exposing the connector to harsh conditions. Such exposure could lead to electrical failures, causing issues within the Dc Converter & Charger system. Therefore, regular replacement of the Connector Cover (#82821-47560) is critical to avoid such problems. A well-maintained Connector Cover (#82821-47560) contributes to the overall efficiency of the electrical system, ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 82821-47560

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