Deck Trim Service Hole Cover

About this product

The Deck Trim Service Hole Cover (#64718-0R010-C0), an integral body part within the Inside Trim Board system of Toyota vehicles, plays a primary role in maintaining the neat appearance and structural integrity of your vehicle's interior. This cover hides unsightly service holes in the deck trim, providing a seamless finish. When functioning, it aids in preventing unnecessary ingress of dirt or debris into the under layers of the trim. Over time, this cover may wear out, become broken or misaligned. Failure to replace a damaged cover could lead to the accumulation of dirt and debris, possibly resulting in damage to the under layers of the deck trim. Remember, using genuine Toyota parts ensures optimal compatibility with your vehicle and they are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Deck Trim Service Hole Cover (#64718-0R010-C0) contributes significantly to the overall aesthetics, efficiency, and safety of the interior trim system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64718-0R010-C0
Color_Name BLACK

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