Drive Shaft Dust Cover

About this product

The Drive Shaft Dust Cover (#43458-08010), a crucial part in the Front Drive Shaft system, shields the drive shaft from the damaging effects of dust and debris. The part, belonging to the Drive-Chassis category, encases the shaft and prevents foreign materials from penetrating the inner workings of the drive shaft system while in operation. When it becomes worn or clogged, the dust cover's protection can reduce, potentially allowing harmful particles to gain access to the drive shaft, leading to premature wear of the system. Therefore, periodic replacement is necessary. Genuine Toyota parts are not only compatible with your vehicle but also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Finally, a well-maintained Drive Shaft Dust Cover (#43458-08010) contributes to the overall performance of the front drive shaft system, thus enhancing the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 43458-08010

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