Dust Cover

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The Dust Cover (#45222-27020) is a crucial component of the Drive-Chassis in the Front Steering Gear & Link system, part of Toyota's Autoparts lineup. This part's primary function is to protect the drive-chassis from dust, debris, and other environmental factors that could cause damage or wear. Its role extends to preventing the intrusion of dirt into the steering gear, thus maintaining the smooth operation of the steering system. Over time, the Dust Cover (#45222-27020) may become worn or damaged, necessitating replacement. Failure to replace a degraded Dust Cover (#45222-27020) can lead to dust and debris infiltration, causing premature wear on the steering gear and link system. Authentic Toyota Autoparts, like the Dust Cover (#45222-27020), are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty and designed for optimal vehicle compatibility. Timely replacement using genuine parts not only extends the lifespan of related components but also enhances overall steering efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 45222-27020

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