Engine Mounting Hole Cover

About this product

The Engine Mounting Hole Cover (#51223-20050) is a crucial component in the Suspension Crossmember & Under Cover system of your Toyota vehicle. This auto part plays a vital role in sealing and protecting the engine mount hole from dust, debris, and moisture. A well-functioning Engine Mounting Hole Cover (#51223-20050) is essential for the preservation and longevity of the engine mount and related suspension components. Over time, this cover may wear or become clogged or broken. This can lead to the intrusion of harmful elements into the engine mount hole, which can degrade the mount and other connected parts. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts, which are designed for perfect compatibility and supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, is recommended. This simple, yet essential, part not only helps to enhance the performance of the suspension system but also plays a critical role in safeguarding the overall operational efficiency and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51223-20050

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