FC Stack Frame Cover #1

About this product

The FC Stack Frame Cover #1 (#1A941-77010) is an integral component in the Electrical section of Toyota's Fcv Stack & Converter system. This robust auto part primarily functions to protect and encase the fuel cell stack, one of the most critical components in a fuel cell vehicle. It is designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh operating conditions, thereby safeguarding the fuel cell stack from potential damage. However, with time and usage, the FC Stack Frame Cover #1 (#1A941-77010) may undergo wear and tear. A damaged or non-functional frame cover could expose the fuel cell stack to potentially harmful conditions, affecting the overall performance and safety of the vehicle. Therefore, it is highly recommended to periodically replace this part with a genuine Toyota part to maintain vehicle compatibility and performance. Genuine parts, including the FC Stack Frame Cover #1 (#1A941-77010), are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, assuring quality and reliability. With a functional FC Stack Frame Cover #1 (#1A941-77010) in place, the Fcv stack & Converter system operates optimally, enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of the fuel cell vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 1A941-77010

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