Front Door Opening Trim Cover

About this product

The Front Door Opening Trim Cover (#62315-60010-06), a critical component of Toyota's Inside Trim Board system, is an auto part that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. This part hides the interior mechanisms of the car door and provides a smooth, comfortable surface for passengers when opening and closing the door. As a genuine Toyota part, it fits seamlessly into your vehicle, with Toyota's genuine parts warranty standing behind its quality. It's crucial to replace this part periodically as it can become worn, scratched, or broken due to daily use. An old or non-functional Front Door Opening Trim Cover (#62315-60010-06) might expose sharp edges or internal components, posing a risk to passengers. Furthermore, a faulty trim cover can compromise the integrity of the car door's insulation, potentially leading to increased road noise or heat loss. In conclusion, the Front Door Opening Trim Cover (#62315-60010-06) plays a significant role in maintaining the comfort, safety, and overall efficiency of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62315-60010-06

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