Frt Door Service Cover

About this product

The Frt Door Service Cover (#67831-12360), a Body part in the Front Door Panel & Glass system, serves a crucial role in protecting hardware like window regulators and door locks from dirt, grime, and weather elements. The cover acts as a shield, keeping these integral components in optimal condition. As these covers age, they can become frayed, torn, or loosened, potentially exposing the protected parts to harmful elements. Therefore, a timely replacement of this part is necessary to avoid damaging the components it safeguards. Using genuine Toyota parts like this ensures vehicle compatibility and longevity, and is supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Failing to replace a damaged Frt Door Service Cover (#67831-12360) could lead to higher repair costs for associated parts. This simple but essential part contributes significantly to the overall efficiency, safety, and longevity of the Front Door Panel & Glass system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67831-12360

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