Inner Rear View Mirror Cover

About this product

The Inner Rear View Mirror Cover (#87818-48010), an Electrical part in the Mirror system, plays a pivotal role in protecting the internal mechanisms of the mirror. It shields the mirror from the elements and potential damages, extending the mirror's lifespan and maintaining optimal function. Genuine Toyota parts are highly compatible with your vehicle and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Periodic replacement of the Inner Rear View Mirror Cover (#87818-48010) is essential. An old or damaged cover can expose the mirror's sensitive components to moisture and debris, impairing its function. A well-maintained cover, however, ensures the continuous and efficient operation of the mirror system. A functional Inner Rear View Mirror Cover (#87818-48010) contributes significantly to the safety of your vehicle, providing clear, unobstructed views for safe driving.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 87818-48010

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