Lap Belt Outer Anchor Cover

About this product

The Lap Belt Outer Anchor Cover (#73233-33010-A1), an integral part of Toyota's Body Seat Belt and Child Restraint Seat systems, is pivotal in anchoring the entire safety belt system. This part's primary function is to cover and protect the outer anchor of the lap belt, ensuring it remains free from damage and wear, thereby maintaining its efficiency and reliability during operation. It's important to replace this part periodically as it can degrade, become clogged, or break over time, potentially compromising the functionality of the safety belt system. A non-functional Lap Belt Outer Anchor Cover (#73233-33010-A1) could lead to an unsafe situation, as the lap belt might not perform optimally during a situation that requires it. With genuine Toyota parts, compatibility with your vehicle is optimized and every part is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This particular part significantly contributes to the safety of the vehicle occupants by maintaining the effectiveness of the seat belt system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 73233-33010-A1
Color Name Ivory

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