Lap Belt Outer Anchor Cover

About this product

The Lap Belt Outer Anchor Cover (#73233-60020-E6), a vital component in the Seat Belt system, is a body part designed to protect the anchor point of the lap belt. Its primary role is to shield the anchor from debris and damage, thereby preserving the integrity of the seat belt system. Genuine Toyota Autoparts contribute to optimal vehicle compatibility, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Failure to replace worn-out or damaged Lap Belt Outer Anchor Cover (#73233-60020-E6)s can lead to exposed seat belt anchors, which may deteriorate faster due to exposure to dust, grime, or accidental damage. This can potentially compromise the integrity of the seat belt, undermining the safety of vehicle occupants. In essence, the Lap Belt Outer Anchor Cover (#73233-60020-E6) plays a significant role in maintaining the efficacy and safety of the Seat Belt system, contributing to the overall safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 73233-60020-A0
Part Number 73233-60020-E6
Color Name Neutral Beige

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